4 steps to improve your self-esteem naturally

The best way to improve your self-esteem

Research from the American Psychological Association has shown that our moods and attitudes can be directly influenced by our environment. Furthermore, our self-esteem can take a big hit when we are constantly immersed in frustrating situations.

These past few years have been difficult for all of us. Between the political turmoil, the questionable economic situation and the dreaded pandemic – we’ve all hit some hard times. With the world’s current climate being rather dirty today, it’s no wonder that more and more people are feeling it self loathingDepression, and anxiety now more than ever.

That’s why it’s so important to proactively find ways to naturally improve self-esteem. Doing so will lead to a healthier outlook, hope for a better future and feel better overall. So if you’re struggling with self-esteem issues, here are some steps to take that will help you boost your mood and self confidence.

Self-assessment and problem recognition

According to Psychology Today, 85% of people worldwide Struggles with low self-esteem. Although low self-esteem is clearly a common problem, it is usually not properly identified. To illustrate, many people go their entire lives with low self-esteem and never properly recognize or face it. If not clearly identified, then how to improve self-esteem?

This is why it is important to do a self-assessment. It requires brutal self-honesty and admitting that yes, indeed, low self-esteem can be a problem. Now, this honesty and self-evaluation does not mean beating yourself up by perceiving yourself as somehow lacking or weak. Rather, it is about taking a thoughtful, loving inventory of yourself, acknowledging the truth, accepting it, and creating a plan to prevent low self-esteem from appearing in yourself.

Engage in positive self-talk

Now that you’ve created a self-tool and recognized that you struggle with low self-confidence, it will be easier to see that realization in your awareness. Dealing with esteem issues is much easier when you recognize when they rear their ugly heads.

For example, you may feel that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach when you go to a job interview. Probably not, that low self-esteem persists in your consciousness. When that feeling of low self-esteem bubbles up in you, take immediate action to counteract it. You can do this by engaging in positive self-talk.

Instead of indulging the feelings of inadequacy you may experience – talk to yourself about how many times you have succeeded in other areas of your life. Remind yourself that you are a vibrant, intelligent, strong person. Make a mental list of all your achievements and tell yourself that you are fully capable of achieving anything you put your mind to.

Attend more

Very often, low self-esteem develops in people who constantly replay old memories of perceived failure. Interestingly, it creates apprehension about performing in the future because of the fear of repeating past failures. Therefore, when combating poor self-esteem, staying in the present moment is crucial.

Let’s deal with it. You cannot change what happened in your past. The future is an unknown quantity, so you can’t do anything about it either. The only true moment that you have complete control over is the present moment. Being present gives you strength, and therefore, a big boon for your confidence.

Practice radical self-acceptance

If you think about it, the longest relationship you will have in your entire life is your relationship with yourself. Given this lifelong bond and history, it only makes sense that you should “make friends” with yourself.

You can start doing this by taking on some work that you feel is necessary. Alternatively, make a strong case for things about yourself that you appreciate, value and love. Apply the old wisdom of serenity that says something like, “Accept the things (about you) you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference.”

Last words to improve your self-esteem

Be easy on yourself. Recognize the inherent beauty within you. Remember that you are here for a purpose, and that you are a gift to this world. Finally, be patient with yourself as you go through these four steps to improve your self-esteem.

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