5 interesting facts for women about orgasm

National Orgasm Day A celebration that celebrates the sexual climax and raises awareness for the issues surrounding the sexual climax. There is so much about orgasm that we still don’t understand and sadly not everyone reaches the climax. Sexual dysfunction There is nothing to be embarrassed about – many women experience some form of it, research shows that 80% of women are dissatisfied with their sex life.
Dr. Caroline Colin, OB / GYN serving in the Santa Monica, California area has the following interesting information to share on women’s orgasm:

Here are some interesting facts about women’s orgasm:

Fake orgasm

Not just fake orgasms for women! Believe it or not, men imitate them! One in four men says they have had orgasm at some point Sex life. So don’t kill yourself and don’t enjoy that climax when the right time comes.

The Pleasure Gap is real

The pinnacle of sexual pleasure, of course Orgasm, But sadly the pleasure gap is real: only 33% of women reach orgasm each time during male-female sexual intercourse as opposed to 75% of men – and 30% of women have trouble climaxing at all. Satisfactory sexuality is an essential part of a woman’s overall physical and mental well-being at any age. With so much focus on men’s sexual health over the past decade, now is the time to focus on women’s sexual health and unemployment.

You can (and should) enjoy an orgasm through old age

Age should never be a barrier to sexual pleasure and age should never stand in your way. You can still feel and enjoy the orgasm after menopause and move on to your next years! And if not, help is available.

Soundwave can improve your orgasm

Non-surgical vaginal resuscitation procedures are extremely popular among women in their fifties and / or postmenopausal women. One such option is the use of Cleovanna, a sound-wave technology that is completely non-invasive. This patented soundwave treatment enhances clitoral responsiveness resulting in greater sexual satisfaction, orgasm, intensity, frequency, and arousal and lubrication. Sound wave technology enhances the process of cell regeneration in the genitals, which improves blood flow to the clitoris, which increases sensitivity, leading to more sexual arousal.

A woman’s orgasm is stronger than a man’s

The only function of the clitoris is orgasm in women, and there are 8,000 nerve endings (or more!) In the clitoris, twice the amount of nerve endings in the head of a penis. Wow, and he thought he was joking? The clitoris is an attractive part of the female body whose sole purpose is to provide pleasure. That’s it. It has to make us feel good. Further, according to research, clitoral orgasm can last from 10 to 30 seconds. Not bad!

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