How to make a terrarium in 4 easy steps

If you love indoor plants but don’t have the time or green thumb to care for them, there’s a solution for you. A terrarium is a self-contained plant habitat.

After setting up

Once you set up the terrarium and close the lid (or container of your choice) the plants inside create their own eco-system — all you have to do is enjoy it.

Containers to choose from

The choices for terrarium containers are only limited by your imagination. Traditionally a small aquarium with a lid is used but a glass jar or other container will also work nicely. Plastic will work too, just make sure it’s clear plastic or you won’t be able to admire your handiwork when it’s finished. No matter what size or material you choose for your terrarium, the most important thing is that it doesn’t leak. You need water and moisture to stay inside for it to work, and you don’t want a mess inside your home.

Select a plant

The plants you choose will thrive in similar conditions and grow well in moist environments. Popular plants to keep in terrariums are carnivorous (Venus fly trap, sundew, or peach plant) or rainforest plants (Chamedoria palm, small fern, or fittonia).

Care for a terrarium

Terrariums are low-maintenance indoor gardens. They require indirect sunlight (not too bright) and do not require any watering after the initial addition of water. The heat from inside the terrarium evaporates the water and then it condenses on the lid which returns to the plants. This process will keep your plants alive. If there is too much water, you may need to vent the terrarium (with a vented lid or by opening the top slightly) just be sure to keep an eye on the soil’s moisture level (not too wet or dry).


What are the best indoor houseplants?

The following are the best indoor plants to consider.

1. peace lily

2. Golden Pothos

3. Bamboo palm

4. French lavender

5. Snake plant

6. dracaena

7. Ferns

8. Cast Iron Plant

9. Orchid

10. English ivy

11. Peppermint

12. Lemon flavoring

Consider other items

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