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Your regular diet may include traditional white rice. But what if we told you that you can choose a healthier type of rice? Yes, you heard right! Asia traditionally grows rice, which is cultivated in different colors and one of which is known as black rice. They are gaining popularity these days due to their beneficial properties and nutritional value.

If you’ve ever eaten black rice, you can appreciate its unique purplish-black color, chewy texture, nutty and slightly sweet taste. But this particular rice is not only delicious; It is also remarkably healthy, and in recent years has been recognized as a rice ‘superfood’.

Black rice has a high concentration of minerals like vitamin E, calcium and potassium that support healthy bodily functions. Compared to other types of rice, it has higher levels of protein, fiber, and iron, as well as higher levels of amino acids and antioxidants that are beneficial for overall health.

Improves eye health

Black rice contains antioxidants anthocyanins and vitamin E that promote eye health. Lutein and zeaxanthin, two of the most significant carotenoids, found in black rice support and promote eye health. A nutritious diet rich in antioxidants and carotenoids helps protect eye cells from the damaging effects of UV radiation. They are also important in preventing vision problems, including age-related vision loss.

Helps in weight loss

Black rice is a good source of protein and fiber, which can help with weight loss by reducing hunger and increasing feelings of fullness. According to research, people who consumed a combination of brown and black rice up to three times a day on a calorie-restricted diet lost significantly more body weight and body fat than those who ate only white rice.

Helps control diabetes

The presence of phenolic compounds present in black rice helps reduce the rate of type 2 diabetes. The phenolic chemicals in black rice can be affected by pancreatic and intestinal enzymes that break down sugars. This can lower blood glucose levels and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Has anti-cancer properties

Black rice anthocyanins help reduce the number of human breast cancer cells and their ability to grow and spread. According to research, a higher intake of anthocyanin-rich foods is associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer and is also beneficial for overall well-being.

Good for the heart

The ability to control heart conditions like high blood pressure and atherosclerosis can be improved by including black rice in your daily diet. Regular consumption of black rice can help you reduce cholesterol levels and blood vessel inflammation. Additionally, it also helps in lowering blood pressure levels.

Good for hair and skin

Black rice’s powerful antioxidant levels make it great for your hair. Apart from that, it contains vitamins and minerals that are essential to promote hair growth and add luster to your hair.

According to experts, the high antioxidant content in black rice protects skin cells from oxidative damage. It helps in skin conditions like acne, pimples and other inflammatory skin conditions as well as skin aging.

last thought

Pitta rice is probably the healthiest type of rice on the market. It is rich in nutrients, which have a variety of positive effects on your health. Regular consumption of black rice benefits almost every part of your body. It improves mental efficiency and is good for liver, eyes, heart and respiratory system. It also has some anti-aging properties.

Furthermore, it promotes weight loss and helps manage diabetes effectively. Black rice is easy to add to your daily diet due to its easy cooking process. Hence it is recommended to include this grain in your diet due to its high nutritional profile and numerous health benefits.

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