Brain stroke – what stroke is a salon stroke and trigger prevention


Salon stroke, also known as beauty parlor stroke, is a rare condition that can occur suddenly as a result of neck manipulation or massage, which reduces blood flow to the brain and can damage parts of the brain.

Pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, peripheral vascular disease, history of brain stroke, or cardiac conditions make people more vulnerable to this phenomenon.

It is common for women to have their hair washed at the salon before getting their hair trimmed or otherwise cut, and the process is often enjoyable and relaxing. However, according to a recent case a 50-year-old woman who was having her hair washed at a salon experienced dizziness, nausea and vomiting, which was later determined to be a stroke.

He was first referred to a gastroenterologist, who only treated his symptoms. Her symptoms persisted and the next day she started walking with slight unsteadiness. He had slight right cerebellar symptoms. The right posterior inferior cerebellar region indicates an infarct MRI brain, and left vertebral hypoplasia was seen on an MR angiography. A correct PICA region-related diagnosis of beauty parlor stroke syndrome was made. Possible mechanisms include vertebral artery kinking during hyperextension and the neck moving toward the washbasin during hair shampooing.

Salon stroke – who is at risk?

Although perfectly healthy young people can have this problem, especially if they are obese or heavy smokers, those with pre-existing conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, peripheral vascular disease, previous history of brain stroke, or cardiac problems are more likely to develop this problem. Strokes like this.

Is a salon stroke different from a stroke?

There is no difference between stroke and salon stroke. A salon stroke, as the name suggests, is a stroke that occurs in a salon. That is why it is called ‘salon stroke’.

A stroke, sometimes referred to as a brain attack, occurs when the blood supply to parts of the brain is interrupted or blood vessels in the brain burst. It usually arises from the heart and its main arteries and may be caused by mechanical compression or rupture of blood vessels in the neck.

Regular strokes affect important arteries in the neck (responsible for blood circulation to the head, face and brain).

Common ailments from salon hair washing

Spinal damage: According to research published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, bending your neck in a sink at the hair salon can seriously damage your spine. Discomfort in the neck may occur and may last for a long time.

Cervical radiculopathy: A frequent condition that is aggravated by leaning too far into the sink is cervical radiculopathy, sometimes described as a ‘pinched nerve’. Salon sinks can potentially cause cervical radiculopathy due to a stretched nerve caused by a herniated disc in the neck or upper spine.

Compression of the spinal canal: According to medical professionals, excessive hunching can cause compression of the spinal canal near the nerve roots, putting pressure on the spine and resulting in discomfort.

Take precautions to prevent salon strokes

  • Avoid pulling your neck back too far as jerking movements can damage your arteries and blood vessels. Lean back gently while stretching.
  • Pay attention to your body. Tell your esthetician if you feel any pain or discomfort while resting your head on the shampoo sink.
  • Avoid any form of severe neck positioning. Never tilt your head back from the sink more than 180 degrees.
  • Make sure you go to a good salon. To ensure the highest level of comfort, salon equipment must comply with safety regulations and be single-sink. A solid base on the sink is needed to hold the neck in proper posture.
  • Always ask for lukewarm water to wash your hair.
  • People with pre-existing health conditions should be more careful.

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Last thought

While washing at the hair salon, tilting your head back or improperly hyperextending it for a long time can also lead to beauty parlor stroke syndrome.

The easiest way to avoid beauty parlor stroke syndrome is to never hyperextend your neck, especially for long periods of time. Also make sure your neck is properly supported while washing your hair at the salon. (Even a towel in the wash basin cradle will work!)

Although beauty parlor strokes are not known to be life-threatening, a stroke at the base of the brain can have devastating and long-lasting effects. See a doctor as soon as possible if you or a loved one has any symptoms of a stroke.

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