Conservatives in the Supreme Court, as expected, ended the nationwide right to abortion

The Supreme Court on Friday officially overturned its 49-year-old landmark Rowe vs. Wade The decision marks the end of half a century of constitutionally guaranteed abortion rights in the United States.

6-3 case verdict, Dobs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Agency, An unprecedented leak of the preliminary draft of the majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito was telegraphed in May. But although the final, official version was a bit less rigorous than the leaked document, the effect is the same. The right to abortion has been removed as if it never existed. The decision on whether to allow the practice now rests with the individual state governments, and only 16, plus the District of Columbia, have passed legislation to preserve the option, while the other two have state constitutional protections referred to as protections by state courts. Done. Abortion.

The majority opinion, signed by Justice Clarence Thomas and the three judges appointed by President Donald Trump – Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanagh and Amy Connie Barrett – stated in no uncertain terms that the 1973 RoweAnd a 1992 case that reaffirmed that right, Planned Parenthood of Southeast Pennsylvania vs. CaseyThe decision was made incorrectly.

“The constitution makes no mention of abortion, and no such right is inherently protected by any constitutional provision,” Alito wrote. “It is time to pay attention to the constitution and return the issue of abortion to the elected representatives of the people.”

Chief Justice John Roberts, an abortion opponent who argued in the case in December that he was in favor of maintaining Mississippi law at the center of the case, agreed with the verdict but submitted his own, agreed opinion so that he could not go as far as he said. “I need to take a more measurement course,” he wrote. “The court’s opinion is thoughtful and thorough, but those qualities cannot compensate for the fact that its dramatic and consequential judgment is unnecessary in deciding the case before us.”

The other three Liberals in court, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and Stephen Breyer, who are retiring at the end of this term, did not take any action.

“One of the consequences of today’s decision is certain: the undermining of women’s rights, and their dignity as independent and equal citizens,” Breyer wrote, a dissent signed by three liberals. “Yesterday, the Constitution guaranteed that a woman who has had an unplanned pregnancy (within reasonable limits) can decide for herself whether to have a child, with all the life-changing consequences of this law.” … But not anymore. To this day, according to this court, a state can always force a woman to give birth, even prohibiting early abortion. “

It is difficult to overstate the impact of court action. Although the Supreme Court has overturned long-standing decisions in the past, especially in cases involving ethnic relations, the court has never granted a right and has since revoked it.

In this case, the effect is immediate. Thirteen states have so-called trigger laws that prohibit abortion, which will take effect RoweThe opposite. Was before the other statesRowe Prohibition of abortion which may be reactivated, and some post-Rowe Restrictions that are blocked by the court but may be effective. Altogether, according to the Gutmachar Institute, which follows reproductive health policy, 26 states may prohibit or strictly prohibit abortion because they are officially permitted.

The response from those who support abortion rights has been rapid, although there is little that can be done to stop the wave of bans or bans. The House of Representatives has a majority of members who support the right to abortion in at least some circumstances, but any law that would write abortion protection into federal law would lack a vote in the Senate to overtake a filibuster.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement released shortly after the ruling: “Today, the Republican-controlled Supreme Court has achieved the GOP’s dark and ultimate goal of depriving women of their right to make their own reproductive health decisions Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, the Republican Party and Because of their overwhelming majority in the Supreme Court, American women today have less freedom than their mothers. “

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