Do weight loss supplements actually work?

Do weight loss supplements actually work or is it a myth?

The interesting thing about weight loss supplements is that there are thousands of them on the market, some experts claim they don’t work, and it’s a growing industry. So how is it going? Are weight loss supplements myth or reality? In this article, we’ll discuss the dos and don’ts of weight loss supplements and how to use them using information from HealthNergyguru. The best supplement stack for weight loss Article

The Weight Loss Supplement Paradox

What if we told you that weight loss supplements are completely unnecessary but extremely effective? The opposition to weight loss supplements comes from the fact that they only work if you are already on a weight loss path. This means that you already have:

  1. Consistent workout routine.
  2. A balanced and healthy diet.
  3. Consistent sleep schedule (optional, but highly recommended).

If you already have those 3 things, you are already losing weight. So why get a weight loss supplement? The answer is because they will accelerate your results.


What do weight loss supplements do?

Weight loss supplements improve your physical performance, metabolism, energy, mood, cognition and everything else you can think of. They make you a little more super-human than you normally are by providing the nutrients and minerals your body needs to function at its maximum potential.

To put this into context, they can make you last longer during a cardio workout, thus increasing the number of calories you burn. They can improve your sleep, thus improving your recovery rate while reducing fatigue. They can give your body the tools it needs to regulate insulin and glucose, thus reducing the amount of fat you build. And perhaps the most surprising thing is that they can actually trigger the activation of weight loss genes.

Looking at all these benefits, all of them require you to already be an active person working towards your weight loss goals with discipline.

As a final point, The word “supplement” means “in addition”, not “replacement”.. This means that you cannot replace good habits with weight loss supplements and expect good results.


Busting the Weight Loss Supplement Myth

Weight loss supplements do not directly burn fat. If you are obese and you take 500 diet pills, you will not magically become skinny.

Weight loss supplements don’t work if you don’t exercise or eat right. Your weight is a direct reflection of your lifestyle and diet. The only way to see long-term results is to change lifestyle habits.

There is no evidence to back up the effectiveness of most common weight loss supplements. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them, it just means that no one really knows if it works for weight loss or not.

Some common weight loss supplements that don’t have research to back them up include Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, Glucomannan, and CLA. Additionally, although Hydroxycut provides minimal results, it is also associated with acute liver failure and should be avoided.

Some lesser-known but effective weight loss supplements that work, and thanks to HealthEnergyGuru for doing all the research, include magnesium citrate, resveratrol, apple cider vinegar, and green tea extract (GTE), caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine.


Weight loss supplements are a great way to accelerate your results. They don’t work if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle, but if you do, they’re a powerful weapon. If you’re looking for more health tips, be sure to read our guide 10 Best Weight Loss Exercises.


What are the best weight loss supplements to use?

The following are the best weight loss supplements to consider.


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All biohm products

Caralluma fimbriata

GenWise Digestive Enzymes Plus Prebiotics and Probiotic Supplement

Pre workout powder with beet root and ACV

This supplement contains a formula with a blend of beetroot, ACV, and a caffeine blend, giving you the nutrients you need to push past any plateaus and keep climbing.

Celery Juice Whole Food Powder, Unflavored

  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body
  • Alkalizing formula improves digestion
  • Supports weight management

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