Everything about the connection between diabetes and erectile dysfunction

In today’s busy lifestyle, living a healthy life is not so easy and diabetes is one of the reasons why people cannot enjoy their life to the fullest.

For men, diabetes causes erectile dysfunction which can ruin their sex life. One study found that 35% to 75% of men with diabetes would experience at least some degree of erectile dysfunction throughout their lives.

However, ED is caused by physical and C health problems, such as obesity, nerve damage, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, diabetes is one of the many physical problems that can be another cause of ED.

Men with diabetes can suffer from erectile dysfunction much earlier than other men.

The link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and diabetes in men

Diabetes is a common condition that everyone should suffer from at any age. More than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or pre-diabetes, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Diabetes is a condition that causes problems for your body to make the hormone insulin and for the blood sugar to flow to the body’s cells. As a result, sugar remains in the blood which damages nerves and blood vessels.

Emergence depends on proper nerve function and blood flow, any condition that affects the vascular system and blood flow can potentially affect a man’s ability to get an erection and maintain it for a long time.

Like diabetes, other physical conditions such as atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), hypertension, and heart-related diseases can contribute to ED by affecting the blood flow to the tissues inside your penis.

Therefore, we can conclude that diabetes (type 1 and 2) and erectile dysfunction are closely related.

ED treatment if you have diabetes

Erectile dysfunction solutions with diabetes can be frustrating, but ED is always curable and treatable with the best medications prescribed by healthcare providers.

There are many medical and FDA-approved drugs available for men, such as Camagra 100 (sildenafil), cialis (tadalafil) and standra (avanafil). These are very effective in maintaining erection and improving sexual performance.

However, as a man, it can be very difficult to survive with impotence but the treatment mentioned below can help you a lot if you follow it regularly.

Penis pump or vacuum pump

With this treatment, a vacuum pump will be placed on top of your penis which will help to draw blood to the penis to get an erection.

This technology is clinically tested so it is less likely to cause any side effects.

However, ED can be easily treated with these oral medications but what else can you do in your life to treat ED with diabetes.

Check your sugar regularly

Millions of people suffer from type 2 diabetes due to poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to control your sugar and check it regularly.

Testosterone test (lower – T)

If you have type 2 diabetes, you may experience less testosterone than normal people.

If you have a low, it means you may have symptoms

  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Loss of lean body mass
  • Depressed or anxious mood
  • Lack of energy.

ED drugs may not directly affect your testosterone levels but it can help you get and maintain an erection for a long time.

Quit alcohol and smoking

Daily smoking can constrict your blood vessels which reduces blood flow and nitric oxide. As a result, it can lead to sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation (PE).

In fact, smoking can affect your erection strength, sperm quality and count.

On the other hand, alcohol can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Even drinking alcohol can reduce the effects of ED drugs, so avoid excessive alcohol and smoking. Here you can read about Tadalafil and alcohol interactions.

Exercise daily

Exercise has the power to relieve stress, depression, anxiety and many more physical and mental ailments. If you add exercise to your daily routine, it can help you get rid of diabetes and ED.

Talk to your healthcare provider

Many men are embarrassed to discuss erectile dysfunction with their healthcare provider.

But if you don’t talk to your doctor, ED can ruin your sex life as well as your relationship with your partner.

So feel free to talk to your doctor about any treatment for erectile dysfunction. Even though there are many telehealth services available, you can use them at home.

Millions of people visit the ForHims, Get roman and Lemonaid Health telehealth sites to get prescriptions for sexual functions.

However, when you consult your doctor, they will consider the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction and guide you through medication and other treatments. Which you can easily find on the online pharmacy website.

Ask them if there is any way to manage diabetes.

Controlling diabetes can help protect the nerves and blood vessels from being damaged and prevent the smooth flow of blood through your body, including the penis.

Ask your doctor for any treatment to control your sugar levels.

Feel free to ask about their other sexual problems

Erectile dysfunction can sometimes cause urological problems, so don’t forget about these problems and consult your doctor.


So it’s about the connection between diabetes and erectile dysfunction and how you can easily treat your ED if you have diabetes.

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