Healthy and delicious food for the Grand Onam festival

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India is known for its extensive and joyful variety of festivals.

Onam, also known as Thiru-Onam or Thiruvonam, is the celebration of the auspicious rice harvest in the Kerala region. It occurs in Chingam, the first month of the Malayalam calendar.

In memory of the famous, sage and benevolent King Mahabali, Onam is celebrated by decorating the house, making rangoli, wearing new clothes, wishing loved ones Happy Onam Sadhya or Onasadhya and cooking a sumptuous meal.

This year, this revived joyous festival will begin on August 30 and end on September 8 for 10 days.

Onam Sadhya

The traditional Onam Sadhya, a multi-course vegetarian dinner eaten on a banana leaf and with more than 25 dishes, is offered throughout the festive event.

In Malayalam, the word “sadhya” means “bhoja” i.e. elaborate feast. Every member of the family should contribute to Onam Sadhya or Onasadhya preparations and functions.

The big lunch requires preparation to begin well in advance, bringing the community together to create a memorable event.

Experts say the midday meal consists of traditional dishes across the state such as fried appetizers, curries, pickles and desserts served with red rice.


Pappadam is essential for Onam Sadhya. They have a crunchy feel and are made from rice flour.


Banana chips, also known as opari, are one of the cherished foods of Sadhya. Usually, a few upris are offered during the ritual.

Sugar is Bharatti

The sweet variety of banana chips is Sharkara Buratti. It consists of deep fried raw plantains spiced with cardamom, cumin and dry ginger and covered in molasses syrup.

Inju Curry

Engi curry is made with ginger, jaggery and tamarind. It is one of the first Malayali home made dishes in the days before Thiruvonam.

Mango curry

Sadhya gets a fiery boost from this mango dish. Coconut milk and raw mangoes are used in its preparation.

Delicious curry

Naranga curry is a tart lemon pickle that adds a bit of zing to a sumptuous dinner.

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Olan is made by combining red beans and white or ash gourds, which are then generously soaked in coconut milk.


Another dish made with curd is pachadi. Grated coconut and pineapple or bitter gourd are used to make this curry.

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Elisheri is a combination of pumpkin, red beans and plenty of grated coconut.


Avial is a dish made with a mixture of vegetables.

About 13 vegetables commonly found in the Western Ghats and grated coconut are thoroughly mixed to make the avial. It is seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves.

Chenna Mejhakkupuratti

Chenna Mejhakkupuratti is made by cutting yam into thin slices. It is then boiled with spices and fried in coconut oil.

Paripu Curry

Paripu curry is made from the finest ingredients like ghee, red chillies and black sesame seeds over plain mung dal.

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Sambhar is an integral dish of South Indian cuisine. In particular, Onam Sambhar is the main dish of the Grand Feast. It is a lentil-based vegetable stew made with a tamarind broth.

Every family has its own special secrets for preparing sambar.


Khichdi is also one of the delicacies of Onam Sadhya. It is made using seasoned curd and vegetables like okra, cucumber or even bitter gourd.


This signature Onam Sadhya is made with delicious curd, yam or raw banana and grated coconut.

Morru kachiatha

A great desert Kachiatha is prepared using boiling curd, black sesame seeds, curry leaves, ginger and garlic.


Rasam is a simple soup made of spicy tamarind broth, sprinkled with plenty of curry leaves, mustard and tomatoes.

It is either eaten with rice or eaten separately to aid digestion.


Every Malayali home has thoran, a dish that can be prepared from any vegetable. Usually, it is cooked with beans and grated coconut, or just cabbage and carrots.

Kutu Curry

A dry dish called kutu curry is made with shredded coconut, black chickpeas and raw banana.


Neyy, commonly known as ghee in Hindi, is sprinkled on rice and parripu to add flavor. Apart from that, Onam Sadhya is insufficient.

Eng Thair

A delicacy called Inji Thair is made with ginger, curd, black sesame seeds and spices.

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Puban is like pajam in banana form. You can eat it mixed with Payasam. For more crunch, add some pappadam to the mix.

Palda chief

The ingredients of palada pradhan, a sweet dish include milk, dry fruits and rice ginger. As a way to balance the flavors, it is served at the very end of the feast.

Payam Pradhaman

Pajam Pradhan has rice ginger, cashew nuts, finely chopped coconut pieces and jaggery which add a lot to its taste and appearance.

Last thought

Onam is one of the most delicious festivals celebrated in India. The remarkable part of Onam is that it consists of 26 different types of delicious mouth-watering curries, fried vegetables, sweet dishes and many more, authentically made with more than 60 ingredients.

The feast is eaten by hand and traditionally served on a fresh banana leaf placed on the floor. The custom is a reflection of humility and all are equal.

When foods are served hot in the leaves, the antioxidants are absorbed into the food, providing all the nutrients needed by the person consuming the food.

Banana leaves are rich in antibacterial properties, vitamin A, calcium and carotene so this pickle is also beneficial in terms of health.

The festival and celebration of Onam Sadh is a way to preserve the authenticity and beauty of Indian culture.

Here we describe in depth the story of Onam Sadh and the amazing food served at the feast.

Along with a variety of food, Onam is also known for Pukkalam (carpets of flowers painted outside houses), Onakalikal (festival games), Vallamkali (boat races) and Pulikali (an image of players dressed as tigers). and hunters) and archers.

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