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Contribution: Rachna Arya

Carbohydrates have developed a negative reputation over time. Some trendy diets would have you believe that they are linked to type 2 diabetes, weight gain and other health problems.

It is true that refined grains and processed foods are high in sugar and often lack essential vitamins and minerals. Many nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods, however, can actually be extremely beneficial to your health.

Although some people may benefit from a low-carb diet, there is no need to completely eliminate high-carb items.

What are high-carb foods?


Quinoa is often considered a superfood or a super grain or healthy carbohydrate. It is a very healthy edible seed that contains higher levels of many minerals and phytonutrients than many cereals. Although cooked quinoa is a high-carb food containing 70% carbohydrates, it is an excellent source of important nutrients including fiber, manganese, protein, folate, magnesium, fiber and protein.

Quinoa is associated with several health benefits, including improved blood sugar management and heart health. It also contains no gluten, making it a great wheat alternative for people following a gluten-free diet. Due to its relatively high protein and fiber content, quinoa is also extremely satisfying. So it can support better weight management and gut health.


Oats have been recognized as a very healthy and nutritious cereal. They are an excellent source of many beneficial nutrients and contain a high concentration of soluble fiber and dense nutrients. Raw oats contain 70% carbohydrates. Oats are a relatively good source of protein and are higher in protein than most grains. Research also suggests that eating oats may have potential health benefits ranging from improved immunity to reduced risk of obesity, heart disease and cholesterol levels. Eating oats can lower blood sugar levels and help maintain a healthy weight.


Banana is a popular fruit with amazing health benefits. A large banana provides about 31 grams of carbohydrates in the form of starch or sugar. Additionally rich vitamins B6 and C, bananas contain several beneficial plant compounds. Bananas can help regulate blood pressure and improve heart health due to their high potassium content.

Resistant starch and pectin, which improve digestive health and feed the good bacteria in your gut, are also present in reasonable proportions in unripe and underripe bananas.

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a delicious, nutritious vegetable. Half a cup of mashed, cooked sweet potatoes in their skins contains about 20.7 grams of carbohydrates, including starch, sugar and fiber. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. What’s more, they’re also packed with powerful antioxidants 9 like beta-carotene and other important phytonutrients.


Blueberries are often considered a superfood because of their high amount of antioxidants. Blueberries have many science-backed benefits, containing high amounts of many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese.

According to numerous studies, blueberries are a good source of antioxidant substances that can help protect your body from harmful free radicals.


Apples are famous for their incredible health benefits. They are an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. Phytochemicals and fiber in apples have antioxidant effects that help control heart disease and blood sugar, among other health benefits.

Apples are a very important source of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamin C and other nutrients. Eating apples can help control your blood sugar, as well as reduce your risk of heart disease. According to preliminary studies, consumption of apples has also been found to reduce the risk of certain cancers.

last thought

The idea that all carbohydrates are bad is untrue. However, not all carbohydrates are good for you. A balanced diet should contain both simple and complex carbohydrates.

Just choose your carbs wisely. Avoid less nutritious desserts, be mindful of sugar and fiber content, and focus on whole grains, fruits and vegetables that are healthy. When you go shopping, try to look for the foods mentioned above as they are examples of healthy complex carbohydrates. And one thing you should always remember is to regularly check your whole body health. There are many packages available that you can choose to keep track of your health and stay one step ahead of diseases.

Also, frequent preventive health check-ups are recommended to monitor overall health, especially your cholesterol levels.

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