History, significance and welfare of cancer patients

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As we all know, rose symbolizes love, care and concern. But did you know that this amazing flower means much more than just love and care?

September 22, 2022, is commemorated to focus on the welfare of cancer patients around the world by giving roses to cancer patients to spread positivity and hope for recovery from this deadly disease.

It is a day that brings happiness and hope to cancer patients and serves as a reminder that they will beat cancer with willpower and optimism.

History of World Rose Day

Rose Day is honored in honor of Canadian 12-year-old Melinda Rose, who was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called Askin’s tumor. He lived six months longer than doctors expected.

They thought he wouldn’t make it for more than a few weeks. During that time, she wrote letters, poems and emails that were helpful in lifting the spirits of other cancer patients and those who cared for them.

Because of him, more people were aware of the terrible effects of cancer on people’s lives, which helped raise awareness as he rose to fame and became a national hero at the time. When he finally died, he became a symbol of hope for all cancer patients around the world.

It is a long-standing tradition for cancer patients to offer flowers such as roses as a way to pray for them and wish them well.

When Melinda Rose died, her supporters also gave her roses as a memorial. Since then, commemorating this day in Melinda Rose’s honor has taken on a symbolic meaning.

Significance of World Rose Day

Cancer awareness is crucial for both cancer prevention and support for cancer patients. Awareness campaigns on World Rose Day also educate the general public about the significance of being cancer-aware.

On World Rose Day, people around the world make handmade roses, cards and gifts to comfort cancer patients. Now is the time to develop self-awareness so you can live a happier, healthier life.

As Lucius Annas Seneca has a quote ‘The will to cure is always half the health’, let’s take a pledge to support cancer patients on this day and remind them that they are not alone in this battle.

Until next time, let’s share a rose!

World Rose Day theme

World Rose Day 2022: The theme of welfare of cancer patients is yet to be decided. In 2020, the day was marked by ‘Changing the way we think about cancer’.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy or Reduce Your Chances of Cancer

Of course, cancer is the most unpredictable disease and cannot be cured if diagnosed too late in the day, however, it can be prevented by taking necessary precautions, timely treatment and adopting some healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

Below is a comprehensive guide that outlines some of the things you can do to help prevent cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

nutritious food

Well, healthy eating is a perfect solution to all health problems. It is always said that ‘we are what we eat’. Our diet defines who we are, how we look and how our body responds to foreign particles. One should ensure that they have more control over their nutrition if they want to avoid any diseases.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is another answer to everything. Exercise boosts your immune system. The body is able to fight off infections that would otherwise turn into cancer. So, indulge yourself in physical exercise for a better immune system and an active mind and body.

Excessive use of cosmetics

Cosmetics certainly make you look good, but can do more harm than good in the long run. Cosmetics contain many dangerous chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin and enter the bloodstream when used.

So it is better to limit the use of cosmetics and makeup products as they contain chemicals and preservatives that can have harmful effects on your health.

family history

If you are aware that a member of your immediate family has previously battled a chronic illness such as cancer, you should take extra precautions or necessary preventative measures.

Genetic testing is therefore recommended to predict any medical conditions that your parents may have predisposed you to.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Both these evils are responsible for the terminal diseases that plague humanity. They are the root cause of many chronic illnesses related to the heart, kidneys, liver, blood, brain and gastrointestinal tract, to name a few.

last thought

On this World Rose Day, those who are dealing with cancer should not be intimidated to take care of their well-being, in fact inspire them more than they need.

Today on World Rose Day let’s pledge to live without undermining their confidence, laugh with them and love those who are in pain. Support them in every possible way and remind them that they can beat this life-threatening illness just by following the above-mentioned routine habits that can prolong their life.

People with cancer can find comfort and hope from the friends and family members around them if only those friends and family members can dispel the misconceptions and stigma associated with the disease.

Sharing a rose is a kind gesture because roses symbolize tenderness and care. Let’s show our concern for cancer patients. If someone close to you is suffering from cancer or any other terminal illness, love them, take care of them and improve their self-esteem in any way you can.

Apart from all, it is always better to opt for routine health screening test or genetic testing to know about your health condition in advance.

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