How to create unique wedding invitations in minutes

It is so fascinating to think that you are going to get married anytime soon. But preparations like your theme, wedding date, venue, guest list picking and wedding invitations make you both excited. Your loved ones will surely be waiting for your wedding invitation to bring a place in their souvenir album.

If you personally like your wedding invitations, you can customize them. We can show you How to create unique wedding invitations in minutes Without missing every detail. It will save you tons of money.

How to create unique wedding invitations In minutes

Here are the quickest ways to create unique wedding invitations:

Customize your stamp

Unique touches on wedding stationery look even better when you put a personalized stamp on them. You can use it for both the wedding invitation and the return address added to the invitation envelope.

Put a ribbon on them

Adding a ribbon to your invitations creates an organization of elements that you include in the invitations. These elements can be travel information or RSVP cards.

You can highlight wedding color motifs using ribbons with the same hues. Adding an extra tag adds an extra touch.

Clear the edges with a fork

You can make fancy edges or corners in invitations. These are available in stores or online stores at very low prices. Do this while you are more relaxed on a well-balanced table and avoid shaking hands to make them look beautiful.

Calligraphy to address invitations

Written words, offerings, and other texts can come in handy when you write them yourself or a friend who knows calligraphy. You can make such an impact when writing invitations with your calligraphy game! Short but detailed tutorials for the beautiful calligraphy industry are available online.

Water color enhances the beauty of washing

You can recreate those beautiful watercolor invitations on Pinterest Why not? You can make simple wedding invitations and print them on watercolor paper.

Give them a hint of water color washing for more industrial and expensive effects. However, do not overdo the water color as the paper may sag.

Cover the edges with a thin gold effect

Gilded edges with gold color will add a touch of class and glam. You can make the gold edge in envelopes or invitations.

Bound with yarn and tags

If you’re a fan of a rustic wedding look, try adding some yarn with custom Kraft paper tags to the invitations. Yarn and tags will enhance personal touch.

Enhanced with envelope fringe

Your guests will surely joke when they see a beautiful liner hidden inside. Many online DIYs on this topic are available on YouTube and other tutorials.

Embossed them

A personalized embosser will give your envelopes a more personalized touch. Finely drawn and elegant touch embossed envelopes will not catch the eye of your guests. You can search these cheap personalized ambassadors on Amazon or Etsy.

Seal the envelope with wax

A wax seal is better than just a sealed envelope. You can order this wax seal on Etsy or Amazon. But do it carefully to avoid clutter! Although practice makes perfect.

Here are some sample templates for creating unique wedding invitations

What is a blue wedding invitation?

You guessed it! Blue wedding invitations are wedding invitations that have blue motifs and colors displayed on escort cards, menus and event programs. Even the envelope liner may appear blue.

Some of the classic color choices for wedding invitations are ivory, cream, or white card stock paired with black or gold fonts. In recent years, blue (light or dark) has become one of the most popular colors in wedding invitations.

You can make your personalized wedding invitations using blue as the main aura using the steps discussed above. You can use blue for background, water color wash and wax. But for a more sensitive look, combine it with other colors with minimal accents (such as different font colors for calligraphy, etc.).

If you want to create blue wedding invitations, check out these sample templates.


Many wedding planners estimate that wedding invitations will cost between $ 5,000 and $ 8,000 per 100 pieces. But you can always do anything without breaking the bank. Now you know How to create unique wedding invitations in minutes, You can save a lot of money without sacrificing quality.

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