The best way to improve the sex life of a couple relationship

In the initial moments of a relationship, sexual stimulation and the desire to connect closely with our partner are always with us. However, most people experience a decline in sexual activity and desire after a few years with the same partner.

Interest wanes, encounters become hollow, and the libido enters a state of progressive lethargy that can leave sexual activity unwanted and a mere occasional process of satisfying intercourse.

In the best case, love replaces infatuation, the primal passion gives way to affection, but the attraction felt towards the other as sexual object and subject disappears.

The intensity of sexual desire varies throughout a person’s life. These fluctuations are normal. Lack of sexual desire can be due to several reasons:

  • Daily stress
  • lack of sleep
  • health problems
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Drug use
  • Arrival of children
  • Communication disabilities

One of the most common causes of decreased or decreased sexual desire in couples is state of mind and temperament. And it is that both research studies and psychotherapeutic practice reveal that boredom and sexual boredom are the most frequent reasons why sexuality fades even in couples who continue to love each other.

The main sexual organs in humans are the brain, above the genitals and the erogenous zone. Boredom – this corresponds to what is called “habit” in psychological terms.

It occurs when the awe and power of seduction disappears from the couple’s sexual activity. This explains why in most couples, sexual desire gradually declines after a period of relationship until reaching, in some cases, inhibition of desire or suppression of sex life.

Absence of passion or lack of sexual desire does not always affect both members of the couple in the same way. The most natural thing is that it erodes in one party while the other wants to have a relationship.

When a couple’s sex life disappears or becomes a half-hearted practice that is conducted mechanically and with diminished or suppressed pleasure, it becomes a problem.

To have a satisfying sex life in a long-term relationship, we must keep the following considerations in mind:

Sustained desire in a relationship does not work by magic

In the myth of spontaneity, everything that is going to happen only happens in a predetermined way, willingly and intentionally, in a long-term relationship. Over time, the power of intense attraction and spontaneous arousal is lost, requiring us to intentionally develop that passion rather than trusting that moment, situation or star alignment to rekindle the spark of desire.

In a long-term relationship, it is common for sex and passion to go hand in hand

For this reason, it is essential to strengthen affection outside of intercourse and cultivate factors that support a positive emotional climate to facilitate couple bonding.

It should be avoided that sex becomes a precooked and bland dish

Nor can it be relegated to a weekend regimen: sex is a goodness and pleasure, not an obligation. However, one must know how to respect the natural time and accept that the relationship may go through less sexual activity. Sex is good, but too much sex is not good. The pressure to have sex with intense frequency can be stressful.

Sex is more than intercourse and orgasm

We must live in a more global sex. Sexual intercourse does not have to reach the peak of orgasm to be satisfying. Sexuality can be present in the daily activities of our relationship as a couple. Foreplay isn’t something you do five minutes before sex. Foreplay should begin at the end of the last orgasm.

Stay sexually awake (connect to our auto sex) and maintain sexual interest in others

To have a satisfying sex life, there is no need to do many different things or try the whole collection of techniques that are presented to us in literature or in images on the Internet or other media.

However, if we do not want to have an irrational sex life, it is convenient to avoid routines and departures from a planned script and to make each sexual relationship permanent.

Tradition or repetition of the same practice without variation becomes conventional and sexually anodyne. The energy of attraction needs to be renewed to keep arousal alive.

Human sexuality is not immutable

Our preferences may change over time, or simply at some point, you may want to experience new things. It’s important to cultivate healthy sexual relationships so that we don’t care about what our partner likes.


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