Let us introduce you to BIOHM Women’s Balanced Probiotics!


Q: Why should I buy a specific women’s probiotic product?

A: We all have a microbiome in our intestines, mouth, skin, and lungs, but the beneficial bacteria and germs that live in the urethra and vagina are of particular importance to women. In the vagina and urethra, these helper germs are thought to have beneficial effects on the intestines, helping to maintain a healthy balance.

Q: What is the difference between taking BIOHM Total Probiotic and Women’s Balanced Probiotic?

A: Both can provide beneficial digestion and immune support but women’s balanced probiotics also contain specific probiotic strains that are particularly beneficial in supporting women’s vaginal health.

Q: Should women take balanced probiotics only when I am experiencing unhealthy symptoms?

A: Women should take balanced probiotics regularly to reach high enough levels to achieve proper colonization and have a beneficial effect. If your specific health problems stop and do not recur, you and your doctor may make that decision on your supplements.

Q: How long will it take to feel the positive changes in vaginal health?

A: Research suggests that using probiotics for one to three months may be effective in treating and establishing a healthy vaginal balance.

Q: Which products does it work well with?

A: Taking BIOHM Super Greens, Super Greens Clean Energy or Super Red will complement the balanced probiotic intake of women.

Q: Why is the probiotic formula different from our other products?

A: Women’s balanced probiotics have specific probiotic strains for preventative measures that are particularly beneficial in supporting women’s vaginal health.

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