Listen: Can California Lower Insulin Prices?

Angela Hart, senior correspondent for California Healthline, appeared on KCRW’s “Press Play with Madeleine Brandt” and KJZ, a public radio station in Phoenix, this month to discuss California’s plan to lower the price of some prescription drugs — from insulin — to a dip in generics. the market

California lawmakers set aside $100 million in the recently adopted 2022-23 state budget to help launch the CalRX drug label, and the state could begin producing generic insulin within the next few years, according to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration. Administration officials say the goal is to make the drug available to millions of Californians through pharmacies, retail stores and mail order.

Initially, the state will contract with a drug manufacturer to manufacture and distribute the drug, which currently costs about $300 to $400 per vial without insurance. Many questions remain unanswered, such as how cheaply insulin can be made and what patients will pay.

“In terms of cost, there are companies that are talking about producing it for about $30 a vial,” Hart told KCRW.

You can read coverage of Hart’s plan here and here.

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