Listen: Why medical loans touch every corner of America

KHN’s Noam N. Levey talks with WBEZ’s Sasha-An Simons about America’s widespread medical debt crisis. Levey explains that the problem has only been partially resolved with recent steps by three major credit reporting bureaus to remove some medical debt from consumer records. Much of this debt never reaches the credit bureau, he said, because it is stuck on a credit card or repaid with a personal loan from a friend or family.

Click here to listen to Levey on WBEZ’s “Reset with Sasha-Ann Simmons” July 12.

Levy Wisconsin also spoke with Kate Archer Kent on public radio about the cost of healthcare to allow Medicare to control the price of prescription drugs in light of the Democrats’ latest plan. Levy describes key insights from a KFF survey conducted to diagnose KHN: Debt schemes: The poor and the uninsured carry the burden of medical debt, but a large portion of those earn more than $ 100,000 a year. And, he says, “most people in America who have medical debt have health insurance.” Half of the adults surveyed said they did not have $ 500 to cover an unexpected medical bill. “So when you put it together,” Levy says, “with the fact that more people are in health insurance plans that have to spend thousands of dollars out of pocket before coverage starts, you’ll have a problem.”

Click here to listen to Levy on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Morning Show” July 13.

KHN (Kaiser Health News) is a national newsroom that creates in-depth journalism about health issues. KHN is one of the three main operating programs of KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation), including policy analysis and polling. KFF is a non-profit organization that provides health information to the nation.

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