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Although breast cancer is often considered a condition that is more prevalent in women, it can also occur in men. The percentage of breast cancer in men, however, is less frequent, making up about 1% of all breast cancer diagnoses. Clinical evidence suggests that the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer is only 1 in 1,000 cases of the disease.

The main problem is that breast cancer in men tends to be diagnosed later than breast cancer in women. This is because most male breast cancer is diagnosed when a man complains of symptoms such as bleeding or pain or a lump in his nipple. However, by then, the cancer may have already spread to other parts of the body. Moreover, men usually delay going to the doctor. They are usually less familiar with its signs and symptoms, so it becomes more difficult to identify the problem until later, more advanced stages.

In this blog, we will learn about the symptoms of breast cancer in men. Knowing what these changes look and feel like can help people get an early diagnosis and improve their chances of survival.

general Symptoms of breast cancer in men

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer in men are largely the same as in women. As with women, any changes in their breasts, including lumps or nipple changes in the chest or underarm area, can be signs of breast cancer and should be checked by a doctor.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer in men include:

lump in breast

The main symptom of breast cancer in men may be indicated by a painless lump or mass, which may grow in the breast, behind the breast or in the armpit. Breast cancer lumps can also vary in size and shape, but they are usually solid and do not move around the breast tissue. If a mass is discovered in only one breast, it is more likely to be cancer. However, the disease can manifest itself in both breasts. Any abnormal lump in the breast should be examined by a doctor.

Changes in the appearance of the nipples

Certain changes in the shape and feel of the nipples are not common. Breast tissue may be enlarged, lopsided, porous, inoperable, or sunken.

Skin changes

The breast or breast skin or surrounding area may appear red, scaly, dry or patchy. The uneven skin of an orange may have a dimpling or several small pits.

the pain

Although breast cancer can cause pain, most people notice a mass that does not. There may be pain, tenderness, sensitivity, or itching in or around the breast tissue.

Fluid discharge from the nipple

Clear fluid or liquid discharge from one or both nipples is a rare symptom in men, but may be an underlying malignancy. This can be another telltale sign of breast cancer in men and may call for a check-up by a healthcare provider.

Lymph node changes

Breast cancer that has spread to nearby lymph nodes can cause swollen lymph nodes in the armpit, collarbone, or neck. Painful or tender lymph nodes are another possible sign of breast cancer.

There is a clear imbalance in the way we view breast cancer in men. Besides the fact that there is very limited information on how to treat men diagnosed with the disease, it has also been found that most men find it embarrassing to discuss their breasts with a doctor.

But given the increasing incidence and prevalence of male breast cancer over the past few years, it is important to create awareness to improve male survival rates.

Diagnostic tests that initially screen for cancer include ultrasound scans, mammograms, and a biopsy.

Apart from all, it is always better to opt for regular health checkups and cancer screening tests or genetic tests to know about your health condition in advance.

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