‘One arm and one leg’: An ER doctor fights discrimination against Americans

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Dr. Thomas Fischer, an emergency room physician at a hospital in Chicago’s South Side, wrote “The Emergency”, an up-close chronicle of the first year of the Covid-19 epidemic. It also tells the story of his journey as a doctor: how his upbringing in the South encouraged his career choices and how the realities and inequalities of American health care limited his ability to help his community.

Fisher describes in detail how the failure of the American health care system – and the racial inequalities that perpetuate it – leaves health care workers with a sense of deep moral trauma.

“Over time, this conflict arises between what you can do and what you are supposed to do – what you want to do, what you are trained to do – it creates an ethical problem,” Fisher host Dan Weissmann said. In this episode of “A Foot”. “It forces a lot of people to quit their jobs.”

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