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We all feel a little sluggish after overeating during Diwali, the greatest festival of the year.

Who doesn’t enjoy celebrating with sweets, especially if it means indulging in indulgent treats all week? The savory besan laddus and crunchy chaklis tasted absolutely divine, but they only made the post-celebration flab worse. The only way to get back in shape is to detoxify your body. But avoid the temptation to starve yourself; Doing so will be harmful to your health.

After the excitement of the festivities, it can be a challenge for many individuals to keep up with their workout program. However, to maintain your health, it is crucial to get back to your regular exercise schedule as soon as possible, which is also good for your overall well-being.

Here we help you with some tips that will help you detox post Diwali.

Avoid sugar and fried foods

After consuming so much sugar during the festive season, it takes some time for our bodies to recover. This is an obvious trick to help your digestive system recover from the effects of the fried and sugary foods you ate throughout the festival. To help repair your digestive system, avoiding fried foods, refined flour, baked goods and sugar for a while is also recommended to get back on track.

Exercise is essential

While detoxifying your body is the first step to getting healthy, getting back on track with a moderate activity regimen is also important. Go for a long walk or get out your yoga mat and practice 25 Surya Asanas. Another best option that you can opt for is enrolling yourself in a Zumba class, which can help you burn 500-800 calories per hour and help you stay fit.

Drink plenty of water

By definition, detoxification is removing toxins, and doing so requires drinking plenty of water. Drinking three liters of water removes toxins from the body. However, stay away from packaged fruit juices and aerated drinks as they are high in sugar and slow down your detoxification process. Experts always recommend to opt for lukewarm water after a big meal as it will help in digesting the food effectively. You can also drink coconut water along with regular water.

Pro tip

Add a few drops of lemon or aloe vera to warm turmeric water every morning as these two things have detoxifying properties.

Avoid extreme diets

Experts never recommend crash diets and starvation. If you believe the myth about crash diets, it won’t help when you’re trying to start detoxification. All fad diets and drinks can cause indigestion, fatigue or discomfort. Additionally, skipping meals and starving yourself will lead to binges, muscle loss, and a drastic drop in one’s metabolic rate, all of which will encourage fat storage. Simply make sure you eat basic, home-cooked meals with less oil. No need to follow rigid juice or detox diets. Just don’t miss any meals, but eat healthy at regular intervals.

Increase your protein intake

The king of nutrients, protein is often referred to as something of a superpower.

It is generally considered the most satiating of the macronutrients due to its ability to influence your hunger and satiety hormones.

Protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass and can significantly increase daily calorie consumption. It helps you avoid losing muscle mass as you age and lose weight.

Eat from small plates

The size of your dinner has been shown to affect how much food you consume.

Depending on the size of the plate you use to eat from, your portion may be small or large.

Studies have shown that eating on a smaller plate makes people at a healthy body weight feel more satisfied after eating and consume fewer calories.

Last thought

Getting back on track after overindulging during the festive season is really important. The above tips can be applied to detoxify your body and can have a significant impact on getting your health back in shape.

Without making significant changes to your routine, all of the above suggestions together will have a significant impact not only on making your diet healthier but on an overall more sustainable lifestyle after a great festive season.

Additionally, you should undergo preventive health checkups. These health tests give a complete report on your health, allowing you to take necessary precautions to improve your health and ward off many illnesses.

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