Spreading awareness about women’s health and SRHR

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“A woman’s health is her capital.” – Harriet Justice Stowe

A society that prioritizes women’s health and rights is the one that always develops and is truly civilized.

International Action Day for Women’s Health 2022 is dedicated to women’s health and well-being, this year’s focus is on themes like Sex and Health and Rights (SRHR).

Every year on May 26, International Women’s Day is observed worldwide. The purpose of this day is to make everyone aware of the importance of women’s health and their sexual health rights.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness about women’s health and well-being in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, where women are more likely to experience an understanding of social and economic impact.

The goal is to remind everyone, especially government officials and legislators, that every woman’s health is important.

Here are some of the rights that SRHR has included in its list for women:

Use of modern contraceptive methods

Contraception reduces the number of unwanted pregnancies and reduces the need for unsafe abortions in mothers and newborns and HIV / STD transmission.

It can help educate girls and give women additional opportunities to be fully involved in society as they wish.

It is an important sexual and reproductive health right that empowers women and will improve women’s health.

Sex education

Sex education is an important tool for people to learn about different themes related to a person’s biological, psychological, and socio-cultural perspectives, as well as an important intervention in preventing and reducing sexual harassment, assault and abuse against women.

Sex education is about educating the public about sexuality, safety, gender norms, identity, respect, empathy and self-expression, all of which need to be addressed.

Freedom to choose their partner

When a girl becomes an adult, she is legally entitled to choose a spouse, which if denied would endanger not only her human right to choose a spouse but also her right to life and personal liberty, as protected by Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

Choosing a life partner is an important human right for a woman. However, in many rural areas women are still excluded from the existence of this right.

The goal of International Working Day for Women’s Health is to empower women and give them basic sexual and health rights and to choose who they want to spend their lives with.

Safe abortion and post-abortion care

The Population Council provides data to policymakers and healthcare practitioners to help the community in safe abortion and post-abortion care practices, increase positive health-seeking behavior, and reduce the stigma behind abortion and post-abortion care.

With this International Labor Day program for women’s health, the World Health Organization (WHO) aims to educate both men and women about safe abortion and how women should be treated after the abortion process.

Research shows that more than 80 percent of women do not know that abortion is legal in India.

In India, 13 women die every day due to unsafe abortion-related causes and about 6.4 million pregnancies occur every year.

This is why it is so important that women around you are aware that abortion is now a legal practice.

Prevention, care and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and infections

Always avoid sexual intercourse with a person who has genital sores, rashes, discharge or other signs of sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Unprotected sex is safe if you and your partner have been having sex for at least six months and both have a negative test for STDs. If not here’s a new product just for you!

  • Use a latex condom every time you have sex
  • Avoid sharing towels or underwear
  • Wash your genitals before and after intercourse
  • Get a vaccine for hepatitis B. This is a series of three shots
  • To be tested for HIV

Effects of Kovid-19 epidemic on women’s health

COVID-19 has had a devastating and long-lasting effect on the planet, yet not everyone is equally harmed.

Women’s health and well-being are the most affected. Vaccines are still scarce, and health care systems are inadequate, making the effects worse.

Women were more likely to exploit a family’s food shortages and the impact of poor quality food, with one in ten women running out of food or reducing their own food costs in a week, and another ten percent worrying about adequate food.

During the lockdown and in the months that followed, women in rural areas had very limited access to female hygiene products and contraceptives.

In the first six months of the epidemic, an estimated 2.4 million unplanned births were predicted, a large proportion of which were expected among low-income women due to their lack of access to contraception.

The latest thought

A country empowered in the field of women’s health and sexual rights is on the way to development.

Over the years, various issues related to women’s health and rights such as healthcare and access to medicines, protection of women from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV / AIDS, contraceptive burden, safe and legal abortion benefits, female SRHR and many more.

We really hope that our article on International Women’s Day 2022 will help promote women’s health and rights.

It has been said that preventive health is very important for women’s health. It is always recommended for women to have regular health check-ups to stay on top of their health.

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