These 12 foods can make you feel hotter this summer

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Summer is already in full swing across the country, with daytime temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius per day.

Such high levels of heat can be harmful to your health, research shows. Extreme heat can cause heat cramps, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

Some people may experience symptoms of heat exhaustion which include:

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling sick
  • Heavy sweating
  • Increase in body temperature.

Others may suffer from heatstroke symptoms, including:

  • Fast heartbeat
  • High body temperature
  • Headache
  • Convulsions
  • Hot dry skin
  • Heavy sweating

Did you know that there is a food that can cause discomfort by raising your internal body temperature while fighting summer problems?

The best way to keep your body cool is to keep your eating habits in check.

Read on to find out which foods can make running heat flow more manageable.

There are 12 food items.


Despite being spinachThe healthiest food in the world‘, Instinctively hot. This causes increased release of energy and (you guessed it) heat.

This is why it is usually recommended to eat this vegetable in winter.


Summer is not the best time to eat lots of peanuts. Peanuts speed up metabolism, generate body heat and increase blood circulation.

Excessive body heat can lead to cracked lips and headaches and other problems. However, you can eat it all at once during the summer.

Brown rice

Made with complex carbohydrates, brown rice and other whole grains are difficult to digest.

Their consumption generates enough heat during digestion, so it is best to avoid them in the summer.


Can’t believe it? Scientists have confirmed this to be true. One study found that overeating ‘King of Fruits’ actually increased body heat and could not even take away the fridge.Heated‘Mango property.


From a culinary standpoint, they add great flavor to food, but unfortunately, they are also known for their body-warming properties because they require more energy during their process. Digestion.


This does not come as a surprise. Ginger is a very strong root that warms the whole digestive system.

This popular kitchen spice has thermogenic properties. Regular consumption in summer can dry out your body from the inside out by stimulating fluid loss through body secretions such as sweat or mucus.


Original vegetables are innately hot, which is why eating them usually warms your hands and feet.


These superfoods are rich in protein, calcium and iron and should be eaten only in moderation in summer.

Eggs kick start your metabolism which it does: produces energy that makes you feel warm.

During the summer, it is recommended that you do not eat more than two eggs a day as eating too much of it can create excessive heat in the body, which can lead to digestive problems.


Almonds, like other nuts, warm the body because they slow down the digestion process, which produces heat.

Excessive intake of nuts can be harmful in summer as it raises the body temperature.

However, soaking them overnight and eating them the next morning can offset their warming properties.


Honey is generally associated with winter and is considered healthy for the winter months.

It is known to work wonders in its natural warmth and increase your body temperature, which eventually makes you feel hot.

Sesame seeds

Sesame is hot in nature and extremely helpful in keeping the body warm. This is why you see a lot of food with sesame seeds in winter.


This spice is also responsible for heat production in the body. It is packed with a compound that converts your body heat when it is digested.

The latest thought

Each food has a hot or cold effect on the body and affects you in different ways.

In our daily lives, we often unknowingly consume certain foods that can create heat in our body.

Excessive consumption of these foods can cause stomach irritation.

However, this does not mean that you should stop eating them; It just means you don’t consume them in huge quantities. The key to moderation.

Choosing the right food according to the weather promotes physical and mental well-being.

In addition, you should have regular health checks. These give you a broader insight into your health, allowing you to take the necessary precautions to keep your health under control.

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