What is a chiropractor and what do they do?

Understanding Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are a type of medical doctor who focuses on musculoskeletal health. They can diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical conditions. However, a chiropractor is an alternative medicine practitioner and is not fully incorporated into contemporary healthcare.

Although some doctors use their expertise in orthopedics to treat patients, most will either refer you or write you a prescription for physical therapy, which focuses on healing the injury rather than addressing the root cause of your problem.

What is spine health and why is it so important?

Chiropractors prefer Taylor Chiropractic and Wellness Specializes in a treatment called Spinal Manipulation.

Spinal manipulation is a type of chiropractic treatment that uses the fingers, hands, elbows, and knees to apply force to the spinous processes (bones of the spine) to relieve pain and discomfort. It treats neurological conditions such as back pain, neck pain and headaches.

Is spinal manipulation safe?

Yes, the technique is safe when performed by an experienced and qualified chiropractor. Having a chiropractor manipulate your spine has many potential benefits; Studies have shown that it effectively treats the pain and symptoms of a variety of health conditions in adults.

Understanding the science of spinal decompression

Many chiropractors will advise against spinal decompression for a variety of reasons, but the truth is that it is a legitimate treatment to improve your health and reduce your pain.

Decompression is caused by anything that removes pressure from nerve roots or spinal bones slipped disc Back pain. Similar to the symptoms seen with a slipped disc (only on a larger scale), these symptoms can be reduced or eliminated by receiving an epidural injection of steroids, which will naturally heal the problem while relieving your pain.

Points to remember when choosing a professional chiropractor

Checking a chiropractor’s license, qualifications and overall credentials is a must before opting for a visit. However, another important element when checking out chiropractors to help manage your pain and symptoms is choosing one who is gentle and caring.

Most good chiropractors spend most of their practice time treating their patients when they understand that they are investing in your health, not shopping. Therefore, choose a chiropractor who puts the patient’s well-being and results first – not money.

Working with chiropractors for your spinal health

The world of manual and manipulative therapy is evolving, meaning the options available and the methods used by practitioners for treatment. musculoskeletal health Changing over time.

Today, many types of manual therapy are used to treat conditions that are traditionally treated with surgery and other invasive treatment techniques – so if you don’t want to go the surgical route properly, you have plenty of solutions available depending on your ailment. away

Regardless, when you see a manual therapy practitioner, start by telling them about your symptoms and your concerns. Together, you can decide what therapy is right for you to reduce your pain and improve your health.

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