Your penis can work well and stay healthy so do what you can today

In this post, we will discuss a topic that is inevitably controversial. The following paragraph is devoted to an organ that expresses laughter and joy wherever it is spoken.

Sponges form tissues, nerves and blood vessels. These plants have several names and nicknames: Chile, Chilindron, Pito… but this is the subject of another article. For now, call it by its correct name: Penis.

The penis is involved in reproduction, and pleasure and where the urine comes out. Self-care will help you identify if something has changed and help avoid illness as their work is evident in your daily life. This is a glimpse of your overall health!

This organ is complex, often misunderstood, and sometimes fascinating, but the moment has come to give it a home, to know it, and to make it happy.

Here are seven tips to keep your penis healthy:

Learn about the risks

The first step towards a lasting relationship is to know your gender. To prevent it, one needs to understand the most basic of its functions and what illnesses and risks exist and how to respond in an emergency. Communicate and exchange information with your family and friends. Start with the basics: why does he do it or why doesn’t he do it anymore? Is it normal for it to feel this way? Do you think size is ideal? You will be surprised to know that you are not alone in your worries.

See a urologist

Do you want to know why your penis has acne? This can be resolved through a review and open discussion with experts. The most common scenario is that you start by doing an online search In addition, you have followed the first part of the advice to inform yourself and congratulations for taking the initiative; Hopefully, you’ll come across an article like this, but you’ve probably been confused before, thinking that something isn’t important, or, conversely, that something too serious is feared.

Healthy life

Unfortunately, there is not a magic recipe. Exercising, eating a balanced diet, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption all help to prevent various illnesses. Taking care of these features of the organ dedicated to this composition provides superior sexual potency and prevents erectile dysfunction.

Eating well, regular exercise and tracking your sleep patterns can counteract erection problems. Your professional urologist may recommend supplements in some cases.

Mental health

We must emphasize that mental health is just as important as physical health. Self-esteem has an effect on how you receive and take care of your body. If the cause of your problem is not related to a physiological problem (for example, an eruption), your urologist will be able to offer a multidisciplinary treatment plan based on point 2.

Remember that there is no quick fix, such as a drugstore ointment or pill. Learn to take care of your penis, nurture it and nurture it.


Let’s get started: Wash it off every day. Use neutral soap to prevent pH changes; Do not neglect the folds, and withdraw the foreskin. Finally, dry it thoroughly to avoid fungal growth. If you have a recurrent infection, your doctor may prescribe circumcision based on your medical history.

Sexual responsibility

Use a condom. There is no rationale for this. Seriously, take advantage of this. Condoms are the only form of contraception that protects against sexually transmitted diseases. This advice is especially important if you have interactions with multiple partners. If it doesn’t feel right or is too tight, talk to your doctor about your choice. Yes they do!

In addition, STD testing is a good way to find out about your health, especially if you think you are in danger during any of your activities. There is a condition known as a “penile fracture” that does not occur very often. Although it is occasionally associated with out-of-bed accidents, it is sometimes due to having extremely deep connections.

Finally, see if you are eligible for the HPV vaccine.

Exercises for the penis

Your penis needs exercise just like a muscle. It’s training time!

  • Let penis erection be an indication of good health. Tease her responsibly with dedicated training, not just to stand up for sex.
  • Ejaculation about 21 times a month reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 20%.
  • Kegel exercises can help women and men with incontinence, such as after prostate cancer surgery. These exercises can help you increase your sexual performance.

Ideally, your doctor will prescribe the best routines, support tools and procedures to suit your needs.

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